Tornado Motion Technologies separates itself from the rest of the dredging industry by focusing its resources on creating specialty dredges that truly are Environmentally Friendly . TMT’s research and development team has created dredging technology that the world has never seen before. Our dredging technology is so far advanced that we can dredge at higher production rates with higher percent solids than any conventional dredge without the need for a cutterhead. Tornado Motion Technology has recently gone above and beyond and has created a completely submersible amphibious dredge (Sub-Dredge) that is completely independent of the main platform and allows versatility the dredge industry has never seen before.

Tornado Motion Technologies new Sub-Dredge is capable of dredging underneath floating platforms such as ships, floating dry-docks, barges and other obstacles without the expenses associated with moving these obstacles and getting permits. The Sub-dredge also comes equipped with a stinger attachment with diver operated controls for more challenging sediment removal around debris. It also has an excellent harbor application for flat-bottom sediment removal. The Sub-Dredge is completely remote operated by land/barge controls and follows the underwater terrain in order to create level cuts and eliminate over-dredging. Not only can the Sub-Dredge save time and money through its versatile ability to dredge, but it can also accomplish these dredging tasks with production rates up to 300 cubic yards per hour at approximately 50% solids by utilizing the patented EDDY PUMP technology. These high production rates are achieved without impacting the ecology or the water quality of the surrounding area, as re-suspension of contaminants in the water column are contained at almost non-detect levels.

– Here are some of the specs:

Vertical swing: 12 – feet

Height: 7 ½ ft

Length: 18 ft

Width: 8 ft

Tracks: 30’’ width w/ ability to create minimal turbidity w/ movement because of slow rolling
movement and designed to only roll onto material that has already been dredged

Versatility: Independently controlled articulating tracks that are capable of rotating the
dredge 360 degrees with ease

Weight: 35 -40,000 lbs.

Powered by: 400 – hp submersible motor

Pump: 6 x 8’’ Eddy Pump

Production: 300-350 cubic yards per hour

Harness: floating discharge, power lines to motor, hydraulics will lay down at 8- ft height for clearance purposes

Rotating guard: non–clogging feature

Stinger: attaches to Knife gate for diver assisted removal

Accessories: cameras located each side of intake, Broadband acoustic technology (used to
track & communicate with underwater vehicles) works together with Hypack – Dredgepack


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