The Eddy Pump

The EDDY Pump is NOT a class of centrifugal pump nor a vortex type pump.

The EDDY PUMP is a patented and proven application of the tornado phenomenon which creates and harnesses a dynamic fluid eddy effect within the pump housing and inlet. This effect is similar to that which occurs in a tornado. In the EDDY Pump, a very strong synchronized central column of flow develops from the pump rotor to the pump inlet and creates a low pressure reverse eddy flow from the pump inlet to the pump discharge.

This action enables the EDDY Pump to achieve significant operational and maintenance performance improvements above and beyond centrifugal and vortex pumps.

Water Depth Deployment Configurations

Tornado Motion currently operates ladder equipment capable of depths from 26 - 45 feet and cable deployed equipment up to 100 feet water deep

TMT can deploy Eddy Pump technology in a broad range of configurations in order to meet each customer's specific needs. For dredging there are two basic modes of deployment that dictate the basic equipment configuration:

  • Shallow dredging from 2 to 20 feet.
  • Deep dredging, from 20 feet to over 100 feet.
  • Remote shallow dredging for specialized applications.

These are illustrated in the following diagrams.

Configuration for special shallow applications

Configuration for 2' to 20'

Configuration for 20' to over 100'


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