Tornado Motion Technologies, LLC (TMT) specializes in  environmental dredging solutions by combining unprecedented dredge technology with a powerful patented pump thus creating equipment that is particularly well suited for challenging remedial projects. This perfect mix of power and technology greatly diminishes the level of overall risk to humans and the environment.

Our equipment has been engineered to safely and efficiently remove more of the contaminants completely so there is less opportunity to compromise drinking water quality during the sediment removal process.

It is the goal of Tornado Motion to design and implement equipment that is suited for the project conditions rather than force the environment to settle for less.

Cleaning up our waterways is worth the best effort available.

Tornado Motion's Engineering Solutions include:

  • Terrain following technology
  • Removal of sediment without over dredging
  • High production capability
  • Ability to pump viscous liquids and slurries
  • Ability to handle debris without clogging
  • Self-propelled equipment
  • No use of cables, turbidity curtains or additional handling
  • Low turbidity
  • Transporting equipment no permits required, (legal loads)

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