Applications for Tornado Motion Technologies

Our services and capabilities are targeted at three primary markets:

Commercial Markets

  • Dredging of sediment from navigable waterways and other bodies of water to include reservoirs, storage ponds, etc.
  • Mining
  • Removal of materials, transport and delivery to land fill site
  • Industrial Services - Specialized Maintenance

Environmental Markets

  • Dredging of contaminated sediments from navigable waterways, lakes, or ponds
  • Clean up of contaminated areas with transport to waste treatment facility.
  • Mitigation of contamination from re-suspension of solids during removal operations.
  • Mine restoration/reclaimation

Slurry Pipeline Material Transfer

  • Transport of solid materials and high viscosity fluids through temporary pipelines as part of dredging operations.
  • Transport of materials and high viscosity fluids through permanent pipelines from location "A" to location "B", usually over long (miles) distances.

Tornado Motion Technolgies are are ideally suited for dredging operations related to the cleanup of:


  • Municipal sewage sludge
  • Oil sludge transfer
  • Sand and gravel mining
  • Oil well mud
  • Silica sand
  • Chemical sludge
  • General mining
  • Chemical waste
  • Clay tailing ponds
  • Industrial Waste
  • Coal tailings
  • Food processing waste
  • Paper pulp
  • Aerated slurry
  • Sedimentary toxic waste
  • Polymers
  • #6 fuel oil
  • Gunite

The applications made possible by the capabilities and benefits of the Eddy Pump.