Thank you for your interest in Tornado Motion Technologies, LLC.

Using my patented Eddy Pump technology, I have worked with the US Navy during the past thirteen years to help them solve onboard ship waste and brine handling problems. Ninety-four (94) installations on fourteen aircraft carriers have resulted in over $23,000,000 in savings to date, directly related to increased performance, reliability and availability of the pumping systems.

While working with the Navy, I began to test the Eddy Pump in more commercial material handling applications. The same benefits realized by the Navy over the past years are now available to the environmental dredging and slurry pipeline industries.

Tornado Motion Technologies, LLC (TMT) was created to develop, market and provide Eddy Pump technology based solutions to these areas.

Below, I have offered some of the key features that I feel benefit the ability of our equipment to provide the optimal success for each our Clients;    

  • Terrain following technology
  • Removal of sediment without over dredging
  • High production capability
  • Ability  to pump viscous liquids and slurries
  • Ability to handle debris without clogging
  • Self-propelled equipment
  • Low turbidity
  • Transporting equipment with no permits required

As you read through our website, you will be provided with the knowledge of how these key factors combined with the Eddy Pump technology prove to be an absolute success.

I welcome any questions you might have.


Harry P. Weinrib
President and CEO
Tornado Motion Technologies, LLC


Tornado Motion Technologies Brochure (PDF)


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